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I started out as an expressionist painter and printmaker, went through several years of constant drawing with graphite sticks and oil pastels, and in '88, settled into ceramic tile mosaics as my major medium. As a painter, I strive for a fluid, colorful movement in my use of the rigid materials.


I've also moved more towards mixed-media all the time. At first I'd throw in a little rock or shell, then in 2000, began making tiles myself. Last year I started working with concrete and the floodgates opened!!!


The relative immediacy of drawing into the clay molds and finishing with paint allows for so much more narrative detail to be packed into my work. The characters and stories have always been of the utmost importance in my work, and now I feel a freedom to develop that aspect, harkening back to my painting and printmaking days....only now I've got another twenty years of life to draw (or tile) from!


Much of the imagery in my new work has grown from the experience of traveling through Ukraine, Turkey, Greece and Italy during summer '04. The exploration of world history through religious wars was one theme that keeps coming up; another is the more personal travel story, with all its stresses and delights. I feel as though I've just skimmed both topics and find the most interesting parts are where the two intersect.


I continue to do both public and private mosaic commissions and have been working with groups of school children.


Since June '96, I have presented mosaic workshops or "Groutcamp" May through September at my studio in Potter Valley, attracting students from around the country.


I enjoy lighting the lights of art in other people through teaching them to create as well as through sharing my vision through the work I create.


This year I'll be presenting workshops in several other venues in addition to my studio (in SF, Oakland & Chicago). 


"GroutCamp in a Box", my 90 minute instructional video/dvd is also available!


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12773 Pine Ave.
Potter Valley, CA 95469
fax 707-743-225



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