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I began painting over twenty years ago and have enjoyed tromping with my paints and easel into intriguing landscapes where the beauty around me unfolds before my eyes and hopefully onto my canvas.


From painting and studying plant forms I became a passionate gardener. I think of gardening as sculpting with living materials. I began creating a "Mediterranean Garden" ten years ago and I have found it unbelievably rewarding in much the same way painting brings me great joy.

"Why I Paint"

Choosing which blue
The judgements stop
No longer do I care
How recklessly he drives
Or why she is wasting
Her life

I stroke white into thalo
Watching the miracle
Of clouds

Hours pass
Time and I

-A wondrous world-

My connection
To what matters

Laurie York  11/2004

My paintings are shown on
the Mendocino Coast at
Henry's Meadow
17555 North Highway One
Fort Bragg, California.

Laurie York
Turtle Time Farm
Albion, CA


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