I have been working in oils since 1985. I enjoy the range, immediacy and flexibility of the medium. My work is representational with a focus on the emotional effects of visual perception. I work directly from my subjects, without using photographs. My landscapes are painted en plein air. I generally build simple wooden frames painted in a way that complements my work.

Although my paintings represent real subjects in real settings, I am not trying to create an illusion of reality. Instead, I want to stretch the process of perception as reality does in those moments when we are suddenly stunned by what we see. At those times, you tumble into a part of yourself that knows the patterns and abstractions. You remember their form and rhythm. I am interested in that flickering drama that underlies objective forms.

Over the years my work has been shown at galleries and studio shows in the Bay Area and on the Mendocino coast. Currently my paintings are on display at the Edgewater Gallery, 356 North Main Street in Fort Bragg (www.edgewatergallery.net ) and at the Artists' Co-opeartive of Mendocino, 45720 Main Street in Mendocino (www.dblennox.com/acm.html ). I also have work at the Prentice Gallery, 17701 North Highway One, Fort Bragg.

Joseph DuVivier

31823 Airport Road

Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Phone: (707)964-5942

FAX: (707)964-3198



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