I Processed my first roll of Ektachrome color-reversal film back in 1956-57 when I was thirteen years old in Junior High, back in suburban Philadelphia. I shot high school sports for the local papers, was a year- book photographer in High School and College, ran a darkroom workshop in college, and shot weddings and family portraits for spending money.

I took graduate courses at San Jose State in photojournalism and worked as such while doing my alternative service in the San Francisco Bay area in the sixties.
By the early seventies I'd gotten tired of the many hours spent in a small darkroom with nasty chemicals for company. I sold my color darkroom and left photography until two years ago, the start of the new millennium.

On my last birthday, my crew gave me a digital camera... ostensibly to take pictures of our building projects. Little did they know what they were getting me into! The software opened up a whole new world for me. Imagine - a dry darkroom in a Box that you can work at in full light! This, combined with a good scanner, allows me to process film images as well.

It might not be exaggerating too much to say that it changed my life; certainly, I'm an avid photographer again - the chief difference at this point being, you will note, a total lack of people in these pictures. I can do everything I could in a darkroom, as well as "stitch" consecutive images together to create both horizontal and vertical panoramas.

I make all my own prints on cold-pressed watercolor paper with water based inks. The engineers at HP tell me that these colors, though water-soluble, should be at least as resistant to U.V. as standard color photographic emulsions.

I have also started producing a line of panoramic landscape-photo note-cards, which fit a standard business envelope format.

Please contact me for more information about my photographs.

 Charlie Hochberg
PO Box 569
Philo, Ca



The Gallery of Alleghenny College, Meadville, PA - mid sixties
Glide Urban Center, San Francisco, CA late sixties :
photos of the AIM occupation of Alcatraz
photos of the poor peoples march on Washington
The Cooper House, Santa Cruz, CA - thru seventies
Tasting-Room/Gallery of Mendocino Specialty Vineyards - winter; 2001

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