Sunlight and sea, ambling pathways and rustic dwellings have been Erin's inspirations since the age of nine. Learning first from her mother and later from a variety of teachers throughout her life, she has developed a style that is relatable and sensitive. Travel has played a formidable role in her development as she relishes each opportunity to explore the warm European environs of Greeece, France and Italy as well as the Hawaiian Islands and choice locations in America the beautiful.


Working with teachers such as Marilyn Simandle, Edward Betts, La Vere Hutchings, Don O'Neill, Pamela Rogers, Gail Chase-Bien, Ted Goeschner, Gerald Brommer, Leo Smith, Mary Snowden-Beck, Jean Dobie, Judi Betts, Ovanes Berberian, Louise DeMore, Hope Stevenson, Susan Sarback, Bob Burridge, Charles Sovek, Kim English, and Camille Przewodek has presented her with a broad range of expertise in watercolor, dry pastel, oils and acrylics.


Painting, studying and teaching the subject of light is her driving force. The cool shadows of the early morning and those that fall long and warm in the evening enliven her creative soul as nothing else. Subject matter is secondary to the sunlight itself, though her locations speak volumes about God's wondrous world of color, drama and mystery.


Reaching further to simplify and suggest detail is placing her allegiance more and more with the impressionist school as she grows and adapts to her own inner angst. This struggle to be honest and deliberate, however, continues to result in images that reflect peace and a yearning for stillness in a world that is often discordant. Painting en plein aire allows her to capture the essence of a place by more passionately communicating its light, temperature, color, texture and mood.


Born in 1957 and a native Californian, Erin has two grown sons who are artistic, musical and adventurous. Her husband is her business partner, acting as agent/picture framer/and proprietor of their own gallery on the North Coast. Her work is seen in a variety of galleries and collected around the world, both as originals and in reproductions ranging from limited editions to cards, calendars, needlework and gift items.


It is a full plate balancing the schedules of locations, studio and gallery work, travel, teaching, studying and working with art publishers as well as joyous family and social gatherings. According to Erin, "There is no better life than to study the world with paintbrush in hand and a heart full of love and gratitude."


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