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Diana Ford is an active outdoor person who loves the landscape and enjoys painting outside.

Many of her landscapes focus on the beauty of the land in early morning or late afternoon light. Her paintings feature strong contrast and saturated color. She works in oils and watercolor. Her paintings are shown locally in Mendocino County and in the bay area at art shows and fairs.

"I've always lived in the country. My family had a vineyard in northern California and I grew up working the land. I'd often just stop and look with amazement when the early light shot through the frost or the sun painted the hills gold and then pink. I got in trouble for daydreaming. 'Quit daydreaming and work, we're running out of daylight.'

I don't call it daydreaming now, I get to call it research, but when I try to wrestle down a piece of this beautiful landscape onto my canvas, there still isn't enough daylight in any day.

I hope you enjoy these images and have a chance to do a little 'research' of your own."

Please visit her website at www.diana-ford.com


(707) 744-1102

Studio in Hopland, California




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