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Suzanne deVeuve lives in Cazadero, California with her husband and their three children, ages 16, 11, 4. Her paintings have appeared in magazines and books. She has illustrated covers for Z Budapest's A Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, Grandmother of Time and its sequel Grandmother Moon. She has also designed covers for The Return of Pahana by Robert Boissiere and The Alchemist's Almanac. Her illustrations have appeared in Women's Spirituality Calendar, Darshan magazine, SageWoman, Sojourn and other publications.


I've been a painter for at least twenty years now. Most of my work is done in oil, but I also do etchings. I've worked my discipline to the point where it feels like a habit. One thing I learned from art school was to keep sketchbooks and diaries. I've created about fifty of these and I still get nourished from them. Anais Nin, an early influence, also kept diaries. The way she related to her life inspired me and I spring boarded off what she did with words except I use visual images.My favorite quote from her is, "The personal life that's lived deeply always extends beyond itself."

Whenever I come up with something: inspiring dreams, quotes or images, they go in my sketchbook. These have kept me going for years. I illustrate my own dreams and others'. For instance, I have an etching of Aphrodite that came from a dream. She's on the classic half-shell, with dolphins swimming beneath her in the ocean. The ocean is like the subconscious and the dolphins are the messengers. This blend of personal and collective mythology is typical of my work.

I also found much of what I was searching for by studying the psyche. Early in life, I gained the identity of Wolf Woman. When I was thirteen, I got a German shepherd named Bruiser who stayed with me for fourteen years. In high school, since I always had this big dog with me, I was called Wolf Woman. One of the first shamanic images I made was a woman's face with a wolf head on top. I learned about connecting with the animal or nature side of myself by reading authors such as Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell.

My work is about introspection and bringing inner treasures outside. Going within is like the bear entering its cave. I would like to set an example for people, to do that inner work in whatever way they can. For example, the Shabbat in the Jewish tradition, where you forget worldly affairs and just tend to God. That's what art and creativity are to me: tending to the inner spiritual needs. Wherever that takes you, it'll be fine, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone. I like to keep in mind the Hippocratic law of "first, do no harm."

The Dali Lama says to treat all sentient beings like your mother. If it weren't for the kindness of the people who raised you, you wouldn't have made it here. So I try to be kind to others, meanwhile being loving, trusting and respecting of myself. Kindness and creativity go hand-in-hand. They both require nurturing the spirit. Kindness comes from inner strength and compassion. Creativity, is nothing less than making light the deepest darkest recesses of the psyche. Both are innate in us all. With them there is unlimited potential.

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Suzanne deVeuve

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