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The "earth magic" of California's northern coast provides the inspiration for these unique, fire-lit wax, mineral and gemstone sculptures. The artist combines many waxes (to harden the candle and slow the burn), adding copper, gold and the tumbled, quartzes and semi-precious, stones of these Van Gogh hills. They are cast in combination with the organic, native scents of lavenders, lemon grasses, almond, antique rose, lush forests and sprays of the sea, to create these joyous, celebrations of life. We always keep to the basic, pure shapes of the human contribution to the earth; the pyramid, the cube, the oval and the sphere. It's what Shel Silverstein called "the elegant complexity of harmonious, simple." These elegant shapes and colors allow natural light to play it's dance. (These photos were taken in natural light alone.)  

Each candle requires as many as fourteen separate pourings. The copper and gold are melted and drizzled, encasing, then encrusting the jewels on their guided path. This unique process becomes quite complex, the matter of balance is in the juxtaposition...Synergy! These castings are produced only in very limited editions. Created after source outings through the redwoods, the headland shores and their tidal pools, slow days on the river, or a trip up the coast to the Pomo Indian Reservation. One recent trip through the upper wine country resulted in a small collection we call "The Vineyards".  Complete in woven, hand painted, numbered paper mache presentation boxes, these extraordinary creations make a breathtaking gift for the true wine connoisseur.

A few words from our Clients and Friends!

"Such an outstanding candle!" --Mrs. Francis Ford Coppola

"The colors and scents are fabulous bath therapy. We really enjoy ours, especially at sunset each day. I don't know how you make them do that, but the kaleidoscope effect is a constant, beautiful surprise. Thank you." --Dr. and Mrs. Scott Davidoff

"I've never had a reaction like that to any other gift I've ever given! The presentation is breathtaking. " --Bert Medley, MSNBC News

"...And I thought I'd seen everything! These are fabulous. Absolutely Mardi Gras, Bacchus, joyful! Bethany Ewald Bultman-Author of "Redneck Heaven" "New Orleans" and the prizewinning book, "The Joys of Entertaining".

"I had no idea what to get for my old college roommate's wedding. Boy, did I make a hit! Now I need one for their new, baby girl. Thanks for starting this great tradition." --Chris Whittier

"They have become such conversation pieces, tucked in amongst our other collections. Everyone who sees them, marvels. Since we know how few are sculpted each year, we don't reveal our source, but our dearest friends know how we regard them when they see that magnificent, [give-away] fabulous box! Thanks for beautiful solutions and so much 'glowing' enjoyment." --Mr. and Mrs. Ken Nellis

"My boyfriend went to Mendocino and found a candle for me through his mother's friend, who is a local collector. I knew he was serious the moment I saw the box! 'Way cool… And the candle's awesome too!" --Jeannie Singer  




















All orders confirmed via e-mail prior to shipment.

 Everyone has color and essence preferences, so just tell us your favorite colors and scents, or design them towards the occasion and mood. Tell us as much as you'd like us to know so that your casting is exactly what you want, and more.

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Candle Castings
 Leslie Korshak

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Mendocino, CA 95460

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