I always loved to paint; painting of any kind. When I was little, my grandfather and I painted fences, boxes and anything else we could find that needed a good coat of paint. One year while I was going to college, I painted houses on weekends. When I had little kids, and my only available paints were house paints, I painted pictures with house paints on boards.


My parents, grandparents and great-grandparents periodically painted pictures, and my mom painted steadily, so it was easy for me to follow along. I studied painting a little in college, but I got serious about painting regularly in 1987 after taking a workshop from Bill Kucha and studying with Doug Haga and my mother, Virginia Jones, all on the Oregon coast. Mom and I still paint together whenever we can, and enjoy critiquing each others work over a glass of wine. I started putting out a lot more quantity of paintings after courses from Arne Westerman in Portland, Oregon in 1998, and Steve Memering in Carmichael, California in 2000.


My objective is to produce picture poems or stories, not decorations. People tend to make scenes interesting, evoking stories, so I put people or things that relate closely to people in most of my paintings. I love trying to capture a human gesture, especially when it takes just the right line to do it, and especially when expressive hands and faces are involved. And I love the ocean -- I like to paint seascapes with different looks than you usually get.


I love Rembrandt and Edouard Vuilliard for lights and darks; Edward Hopper, Valentin Serov, Vermeer and Goya for the ways they show people; traditional Chinese watercolors and Japanese wood block prints for style and balance; Picasso and the Haida indian artists of the northwest for beautiful lines. And I enjoy Rene Magritte, Norman Rockwell and my mother for their fine sense of visual humor.


After thirty plus years in the San Francisco Bay Area, working primarily in financial and software businesses, my wife and I moved to the Mendocino coast of Northern California in September 2000 where I am now very happy that I can paint and draw full time.



Bruce Jones

PO Box 250
Gualala, CA 95445


e-mail to:bsjones@mcn.org


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